How does it work

Sometimes it may happen, when you need to change your IP address for one reason or another. You may need to change your online location or enter some website using an encrypted channel, without being afraid for your data. Using our service, you can do so quickly and conveniently.

Go to the main page and press "Connect". In the pop-up window, select your retion (when you will enter other websites using our service, everyone will think that you are from this country) and the type of the device on which you want to use our service.

After this, we will create a configuration file for you, which you must download to your computer and open in the OpenVPN program. If this program is not yet installed on your computer, you should install it. The download link for the program can be found on the same page or at the bottom of this page.

Pay attention! Our service is free only for the first 30 minutes of using. If the trial time has expired and you liked our service, you can enter the main page at any time and prolong the usage period for any amount of time that you need. You do not need to configure anything else and your access should work immediately after payment.