OpenVPN settings for MAC

Open the main page of the website and press the "Connect" button

Choose a country, where your server and the device with which you will use our service will be installed and press "Let's go"

Everything will be ready in a few seconds. Press the "Download" button

A zip archive with the configuration file will be downloaded. Go to the "Downloads" folder and click the downloaded archive. The configuration file will appear in that same folder.

Click on the configuration file that starts with the words and has the extension .tblk. You will be asked, for whom you want to install the settings. If you are the sole user of your computer, then you can select for all users. If others use your computer, then select "only me". Previously you need to install a program

After this, please enter the admin data of your computer

Everything is ready, configuration is set

In order to connect to our VPN service, click the program iconTunnelblick in the right upper corner of the screen and selet the config name

After this, a connection to our server will begin to establish

And after several seconds, the connection will be set.